Number 3 – His height 

If you’re single, and you have this image in your head of your dream guy being tall – you might want to ‘shrink’ your dream – just a little. Apparently most men documented at marriage counselling sessions are tall, AND men over 5’10 are the biggest users of affair websites.

Number 2 – They make significantly more money than their partner

Men who earn a truckload of money and who are in a position of power, tend to be more confident – even if they are not the best-looking guy, the fact that he knows he has a high-powered position and loads of cash in the bank makes him feel really good about himself. Coupled with this confidence, he probably has a stay-at-home wife whom he supports, which can make him feel more in control of their relationship. He thinks he holds all the cards and can do whatever he wants (like have an affair)…that whole ‘She is nothing without me’ / ‘Couldn’t leave if she wanted to’ attitude.

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This type of man usually performs well under stress and not only needs, but enjoys the excitement of challenges which drive him. An affair gives them the same type of exhilaration in their private lives.

My thoughts: Both my ex’s were tall and earned significantly more money than I did.