Apple-cider vinegar shots

Megan Fox, female star of Transformers fame, says she is too lazy to exercise and diet hard so instead she drinks regular shots of apple-cider vinegar to ‘cleanse her system’ which she believes helps her lose weight and stay in shape.

‘Detox’ diets have been all-the-rage for some time now despite the scientific community having disproven them time after time.

The reality is that your body is equipped to detox itself naturally. It does so all the time. It does not require the addition of vinegar, maple syrup, olive oil or any other ‘magical’ foods to aid the process.

What your body really needs – if you wish to keep it free of toxins – is that you avoid ingesting toxic foods and medicines.

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Do these detox diets work? No.

Do you want to drink vinegar anyway? Probably not.

Would I recommend this diet? No.

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