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  1. Safety

Let’s by asking ourselves these three easy, yet important questions…

  • Who knows what number to call in an emergency?
  • Have either you or your nanny completed a CPR and first aid course?
  • Do you know what to do in the event that your child chokes?

It is important to note that a third of accidents with young children occur in the home and furthermore the time is takes to react means the difference between life and death. This being another on the prevalent list of reasons why you need to invest in training for you and your nanny.

Training has also shown to help with the different tolerance levels that parents have and enables everyone to be on the same page, while alleviating tension that can crop up because of cultural differences.

Another major necessity is making sure that the medical information of the child is known to all parties and kept in an accessible place where it can be updated easily if need be.

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We believe in taking the necessary precautions in order to avoid any mishaps, but are also cognisant of the fact that accidents do and will happen and here’s where many a mother faces a disconnect because expectations are unrealistic.

  1. Switching gears

Now if at this point you haven’t been tested quite enough, here’s where the rubber is to meet the road. Because this step sees you adjust your attitude and expectations in prioritising your needs, definitely one of the tougher things to do, and being okay with the fact that some things might take a back seat.

It is essential to take time out to spend time on planning your and your nanny’s daily routine – housework, sleep, feeding and play. And ascertaining what a reasonable expectation is for your nanny in terms of play and stimulation? Well let’s be honest – don’t expect her to be Mary Poppins if you are not!

Research shows that just 15 minutes of focused and guided play will benefit your child. So we encourage getting on to the floor and give many games, songs and home-made ideas to “SCAFFOLD learning” as mentioned previously. We also show nannies how to encourage playing on their own and that changing their position is important. Not spending hours in car seats, bouncers, walking rings or prams!

This will entail brilliant time management in order to provide your child with the necessary stimulation and still maintain and run a household. It is here where we would advise you draw up a contract with clear guidelines that both you and your nanny discuss and agree on.

About the Authors: Super Nannies and Nanny ‘n Me is all about investing in your child’s welfare and development by offering you a service that has immeasurable results. A well-cared for child is a happy child.