Being a pregnant mom with a toddler, I’m always looking for hacks to well … make life simpler. Gumtree shares a few mom hacks when it comes to car maintenance that I had no idea existed.

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1. Remove dents with dry ice

I recently found a dent on my car. The person that parked next to me at a shopping centre hit my car with their door and left ….  It frustrated me because that meant I needed to spend thousands of rands to fix it even though I’d parked within my line!

Gumtree has suggested a hack; Just grab some dry ice from the local market and apply it to the dent. Continue doing this until the dent pops out. Be sure to wear gloves to protect your hands though, as touching the ice directly can cause burns.

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2. De-ice your locks with hand sanitiser

Squirt a small amount of hand sanitiser on the key and insert the key into the lock. The alcohol in the sanitiser is an excellent agent for melting ice away, plus it kills the germs on the key and the lock.

Mom Hack: Using home items for Car maintenance

3. Clean your windshield with a razor

When your windshield becomes caked with bugs and other stuff that the car wash simply does not take off, grab a razor blade. Take the razor blade, very carefully, and scrape that hard, stuck-on gunk off the window and enjoy a clear view again. This is perfect for long distance travelling so I suggest you keep a storage box full of hack items in your boot.

After scraping, spritz it with window cleaner and wipe any residue with a dry cloth to reduce any streaks the razor may have made.