About three weeks ago, we published a story about a shocked groom who woke to find a ‘stranger’ in his bed following his wedding. It turned out to be his new wife, without her makeup on.

The Algerian groom first thought that there was an intruder in his apartment when he woke to find a ‘stranger’ in his bed.

However, after much convincing, it turned out that the woman was in fact his new wife. He was shocked to find out what she looked like without makeup on. He is now suing his wife for fraud and is demanding over two million Algerian dinar (around R260 000) in damages for ‘psychological suffering’.

Today, we saw this newspaper clip on Facebook – we are not 100% certain if this is, in fact, the woman who is being sued, but the image definitely got people talking. Take a look at a few of the comments (names of the people who commented will be kept private) …

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East Coast Urban

“Ok wait so we marry someone for how they look and not who they are? Should one not marry with the intent of building a life together with someone not based on their appearance? How superficial is this world becoming?”

“hahaha, beauty is only paint deep!”

“He is sick…absolutely sick…she may not be as beautiful without the make up but she isn’t unattractive-what? did he think her heavy eye make up and luminescent skin was natural…he surely has cataracts. And if every man was as fickle as him then people with acne scarred uneven skin tone would surely never get married. He should be sued for being so shallow and cruel!!!!”

“He married the daughter but woke up with her mother”

“If he really loved her, it wouldn’t be an issue. She should of let him see her without make up a bit before getting married at least however he is wrong for sueing her over it… I hope she wins”

“She should sue him for having an eye problem, he difinitely needs to visit the optician”

“Who asked him to fall in love with the way she looks?? You mean to tell me within the whole time of knowing her he never once saw how she looked without make up?? He never bothered to ask her to show him? He’s at fault for expecting his wife to be that flawless throughout the marriage.. Wonder what he looks like?!!”

“She looks gorgeous in make-up, and without make up, she is like onion… u will definitely cry out!!”