The Drunk Diet

As if Lady Gaga wasn’t controversial enough, her diet methodology will leave you stunned. She calls it ‘The Drunk Diet’.

What does it involve?

Well, basically, lots of alcohol and lots of exercise. The amount of alcohol is unspecified. Rather, the diet is for people who feel like they cannot give up having a few drinks every day in order to lose some weight.

So in order to compensate, the diet calls for rigorous exercise every day. Lady Gaga says this is the compromise on the diet, as you never really feel like working out when you’re hung-over but you have to anyway.

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Obviously you have to control your food intake quite strictly on this diet too – people tend to eat a bit more when they’re drinking, so this may be tough.

Does this sound like the perfect diet for you?

If yes, you may want to evaluate the amount of value you place on alcohol and what that means.

Would the diet work? Maybe … but only if you’re eating REALLY badly right now. Would I do or recommend this diet? No. Just no.

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