Women are insanely hard on themselves

Blame it on whatever you want, but there is no getting around this. Women always seem to be in a constant state of comparison (yes, me too!).

It’s really difficult not to be left feeling inadequate at times

Is it all part of ‘being a woman’ or, does it go back to how we are ‘conditioned’ growing up – especially during our teenage years?

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I was not the prettiest teenager. Far from it actually. I remember a guy (someone I had a massive crush on) calling me a runt. Wow, did that burn deep. Another time, I remember a girl at high school saying that if she had a nose like mine, she wouldn’t stick it so far in the air. I am sure you can all recall a one or two, maybe even loads of ‘mean girl’ / nasty dude moments. I remember these more than I remember any kind of compliment.

I can’t help but wonder, if things like this fuelled my decision to get a boob job when I was just 18, and if these nasty ‘soul tattoos’ will ever go away – permanently instead of re-visiting me in weak moments? I know, without a doubt, that during my twenties, I had no idea what it meant to ‘know your worth’ and as a result, I spent ALL of those years in a very toxic relationship which left me feeling even worse about myself.

Even now, as a woman in her thirties who has learnt her worth and who is FINALLY in a loving and normal relationship – I still have wobbly moments where I feel like I am not good enough.

If you too feel like this from time to time, maybe all of the time, I have compiled a short list of things you can do that will help you feel better about yourself – inside and out.

“See the light in others and treat them as though that’s all you see.” – One of my favourite quotes. We need to practise seeing the light in ourselves too, so that we treat ourselves better. If I have daughter one day, I hope to teach her this.

It all starts with you. Our lives are a constant work-in-progress but also a work of art. It’s entirely up to you how your ‘ life picture’ will look one day when you’re old and looking back.