Celebrity relationships are very tricky; just ask Proverb, who had to admit to the public that the rumours of his wife having an affair were true.

This Monday morning, however, it’s DJ Oskido and his relationship that are making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

The house musician has admitted that his girlfriend recently beat him up, allegedly knocking him out in his Midrand home

The girlfriend has since been arrested, following the incident and was released on R1 000 bail.

The story was confirmed to the public by Constable Matome Tlamela, spokesperson for the Midrand Police Station, who said:

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“According to the charge sheet, he was in their bedroom when an argument erupted between them. It’s not clear what they were arguing about, but she assaulted him with a lamp.”

Ouch! A lamp? It was clearly quite a serious altercation, because Oskido has filed for a restraining order against his girlfriend (Although, who knows how long they’ll be together after this?)

The news was reported on Monday morning, in Sunday World, which also reports that while he couldn’t be reached for comment, his girlfriend will be appearing in the Midrand Magistrate’s Court shortly.

The paper also reports that the unnamed girlfriend will also be pressing counter charges against Oskido; she testifies that he assaulted her first

Constable Tlamela confirmed the above too, “It’s not clear how he assaulted her. Both cases will be sent to the National Prosecution Authority for a decision on whether to prosecute.”

Yet another celebrity in court; what is going on?

Do you think Oskido’s girlfriend assaulted the house DJ, or is there more to the story?