Society places so much emphasis on appearances. Many people are completely obsessed with how they look. It’s a sad and very shallow existence and also one from which it is not so easy to escape. We are all vain in some way or another.

Today, I want you to think about what you’d be able to offer as a human – as a woman, if suddenly, you were stripped of your looks. Of everything that you thought made you beautiful. It’s not really that easy to imagine hey? You might be thinking “it will never happen to me” so why should I do this?

You may or may not have heard of Turia Pitt, but she is a remarkable woman and her story is guaranteed to inspire and motivate anyone.

Imagine this – you are 25 years old, a qualified engineer, you are beautiful, fit and healthy. You are in love with a wonderful, gorgeous man and life is really good.

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You decide to enter an ultra-marathon race. But you have no way of knowing just how dramatically this decision will forever change your life.

Race for your life

A few of the ultra-marathon competitors, including Turia got trapped by a fire in a gorge in a remote area in Western Australia’s Kimberly region.

Fortunately Turia managed to escape but not unscathed. She suffered horrific burns to 65% of her body!

She was placed in an induced coma for two months and doctors were not very optimistic that she would survive. Thankfully, she did. Turia lost the fingers on her right hand, and the fingers on her left are fused together. She had to learn to walk and talk again and, for two years, Turia had to wear a full-body compression suit with a mask to help her body recover.

She has since endured more than 200 surgeries, and has been told she must undergo up to four operations per year over the next decade.

In May last year, Turia won a multi-million dollar settlement from Kimberley ultramarathon organisers Racing The Planet.

Has this tragic, life-changing event stopped Turia from loving and living life to the max? Decide for yourself …

She describes herself as ‘the luckiest girl in the world’.

Last year, she rode her bike from Sydney to Uluru, swam a 20 kilometre race in Western Australia and walked the Great Wall of China!

Did her partner, Michael Hoskin, leave her? No, he did not. He has lovingly cared for and supported Turia through it all and the best part – he popped the question earlier this month (July 2015) while they were on holiday in the Maldives.

If you’d like to read more about Turia Pitt, she published a book about her experience, Everything To Live For. You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Take a look through our gallery of this remarkable, brave and inspirational woman! Beauty redefined.

Your looks are temporary, they will eventually fade but what’s in your heart is with you forever. Some people have such amazing hearts, the beauty shines right out of them – Turia is one of these people….

Turia Pitt before the tragic fire