Eating cookies AND losing weight?! You’ve got to be kidding right? That sounds like paradise – I’m in!

Well…you may want to slow down just a tad. The Cookie Diet really does exist, but you’re not just eating Romany Creams and Zoo Biscuits all day long and shedding the kilos.

The cookie in question is a specifically formulated one containing flour, rice, bran and oats which act to suppress hunger. You can eat as many of these as you like, and you’re only allowed one real food meal per day – a dinner of 180g of white meat and one cup of veggies… a tiny meal!

Guy Ritchie did this diet fairly recently to slim down for a movie role and did lose some weight. However, he was reportedly not his usual (happier) self while on the diet.

While dieters may lose some weight, your energy levels will drop drastically, and a lot of people could get sick, as this diet is very low in essential vitamins and nutrients.

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This is one diet I would advise you not to try.

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