There’s nothing wrong with looking sexy and stylish during your pregnancy – nobody wants to look like a hot mess while you’re expecting!

It’s a touchy subject when it comes to preggy fashion (we hate the word maternity) – some are all for tight jeans, heels and bodycon dresses, whilst others believe that looser, flowing garments are better suited for dealing with the ever-expanding form.

Kim Kardashian – who’s no stranger to controversy, especially when it comes fashion (or lack thereof), claimed that she would continue wearing her form-fitting fashion and rocking her stilettos during her second pregnancy, despite the criticism her wardrobe garnered the first time around

And judging by the following pics – all taken during the last few weeks – Kim is not letting anything or anyone stop her from showing off her assets….(She even continues to wear her spanx!)

Yummy mummy or slave to fashion? Take a look at Kim’s pregnancy style…

Above: Latex love… (More pics on the next pages…)