Local aluminium windows and door frames

Earlier this year, leading window and door manufacturer, Swartland, successfully launched a brand new range of aluminium window and door frames.

“Swartland identified a gap in the market for quality, locally manufactured aluminium windows and doors, and in 2014, the company took the leap by investing millions of Rand to build a separate manufacturing plant that could produce a range of aluminium windows and doors that would be manufactured to the same world-class standards as its highly acclaimed range of wooden windows and doors. One year later, Swartland launched its KENZO range of aluminium windows and doors, and the uptake of this new range has been phenomenal,” says Swartland’s Dylan Miller.

He credits the incredible success of this newly launched product to a number of factors, including:

Trusted brand

Swartland is so sure of the premium quality of the KENZO range that all KENZO products come with a three-year manufacturer’s guarantee.”

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“There is nothing worse than having to suffer through long lead times in order to get what you want. A large part of Swartland’s success is due to it being able to hold a wide range of ex-stock options, to ensure quick delivery of orders. Also, its impressive distribution network and national footprint ensures its products are easily accessible and delivered on time throughout South Africa,” says Dylan.

Good looks

The KENZO range of aluminium windows and doors offer an attractive, clean and streamlined aesthetic that is ideal for modern architectural designs.

“The KENZO range’s sleek designs offer an understated frame to the outdoor view beyond – ensuring that these vistas take the leading role,” explains Dylan.

All products within the range are available in the following standard powder-coated colours – Silver, Bronze, Charcoal and White. All KENZO products are available with obscure glazing to ensure privacy where needed.

Durability and affordability

 The KENZO range of aluminium windows and doors is made of strong, lightweight aluminium alloy frames. The fact that the material is lightweight makes these products a synch to transport and install. Their durability is an incredibly strong draw card, as these windows will remain looking as good as the day you bought them, but require virtually no on-going maintenance at all.

“Aluminium is a great choice for our often-harsh South African climes – it is well known for its robust qualities and even when exposed to sunlight, rain and damp; it won’t warp, crack, discolour, rot or rust. Aluminium is also a fireproof material, which only adds to its durable appeal,” explains Dylan.

An environmentally responsible choice

All the products in the KENZO range are SANS 613-approved, which means that, not only do they comply with all the necessary local building regulations, but they are also an environmentally responsible choice.

Over and above this, aluminium has one of the highest recycling rates of any metal and it is an environmentally sustainable material. Recycling aluminium requires only five percent of the initial energy consumed to create it, and this inherent property differentiates reinforces its sustainable credentials.

Lastly, the fact that these windows are so durable, ensures that they will last for a very long time, which in itself, reduces the products overall carbon footprint.

A fine finish

“All KENZO products have been powder coated with a 25 micron-thick finish. Most competitors only use a 15 micron-thick finish for inland and 25 microns for products to be used in coastal areas. The fact that the range is powder coated makes it far more environmentally friendly when compared to other ranges that have an anodized coating, which is harmful to the environment,” says Dylan.

Design versatility

At the moment, the KENZO range of aluminium windows and doors are available in the following formats: top-hung windows, sliding doors and sidelights. However, from September 2015, the company will also be introducing a range of fold-a-side door, horizontal-gliding windows and side-hung windows to the KENZO range for optimum design versatility.

For more information, visit www.swartland.co.za