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Workout for busy moms

For new moms, finding the time to exercise is difficult. To help all the busy moms, here are some effective exercises that you can do during the day to get that lean, toned, sexy mamma physique … while getting your daily chores done!

5 Moves for moms

Remember to always keep your back straight and tummy tight during each exercise. Also make sure that you are performing the exercise in a safe manner when holding baby.

1. Deep squats

One set of 15-20 deep squats will help you get toned with lean thighs and tight buns. Every time you need to bend down, drop it like a squat!

2. Curl ups and leg lifts

Do one set of 15-20 curl ups and leg lifts with baby in your arms to tighten the tummy and give those legs definition. Try this move while watching your favourite series or soapy.

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3. Diamond push ups

Tone those arms by doing one set of 12-15 diamond push ups after every nappy and clothing change.

4. Plié squats

While holding baby, do one set of 12-15 plié squats. Do this two to three times a day for bonding while toning and tightening those inner thighs!

5. Tummy knee crunch and donkey kick combo

While waiting for the kettle to boil, do one set of 15-20 leg squats, tummy knee crunches and donkey kicks. This combination is great to burn extra fat and boost that metabolism with a natural tummy tuck, butt lift and lean thighs.

Rocking hot mom

A great way to boost your mood, get some extra cardio in and have fun with your little one is to dance with baby in your arms.  When soothing baby, rock side-to-side while doing toe lifts to tone outer thighs and calves.

Get out of the house

When you can, take baby with you for a 30-minute walk. Put baby in a sling for extra resistance or a pushchair/pram to help you work those arms. Getting some fresh air will help you both relax and improve sleep. For even more benefits, try walking on the beach or find a route in your neighbourhood with some incline.


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