Last updated on Jun 21st, 2021 at 11:06 am

Your newborn baby is starting to fill out! This month, you can expect lots of smiling, giggling and playtime as your baby discovers his love for toys.

Week 9

Your baby is learning every day and is constantly taking in his surroundings. Be sure not to overstimulate  your baby as this could lead to a fussiness which will be difficult to console.

This week, your baby will;

  • Continue to discover his hands and may even start taking an interest in his feet
  • Constantly take in sensory information
  • Show an interest in toys that jiggle or vibrate

Double digits, week 10

Have you introduced tummy time to your baby? Tummy time is important as it strengthens your baby’s neck muscles and prepares him for crawling.

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Not all babies enjoy tummy time, so starting with just a few minutes per day is enough.Once baby is comfortable, you can increase the time to approximately 30 minutes per day.

Remember, baby will more willing to spend time on his tummy if you get down and engage with him.

At 10 weeks old, your baby will;

  • Start to kick his legs when excited
  • Vocalise his excitement, especially when he sees you
  • Be able to hold his head up quite steadily for a short while

Your baby at 11 weeks

Is developing quite the personality. By now,  you are probably in tune with his personality which makes it much easier to respond to his needs.

This week your baby;

  • May imitate sounds that he has heard
  • Will gurgle and coo more
  • Might show an interest in toys that have contrasting black and white colours
  • Might surprise you with a spontaneous laugh

The three month mark

Did you know that by now, your baby has grown on average approximately 2.5cm per month? This means that you are probably packing away your newborn clothes and even some of your 0-3 month outfits.

By three months your baby will;

  • Show his excitement by smiling, kicking and waving his arms
  • Respond to your voice by making noises
  • Probably be able to hold his neck steady
  • Slow down in weight gain and will now gain an average of 150 grams per week