Last updated on Jun 21st, 2021 at 11:07 am

Wow, how time flies! The tiny newborn that you brought home is now a squishy human being that reacts to your voice, smile and affection. By four months, your baby will have probably doubled her birth weight. No wonder your arms get tired carrying her around!

Your baby is becoming more alert and will express herself through babbling, gurgling and smiles. She will also put anything and everything into her mouth, as taste is the way that she explores her world.

As your baby develops an inquisitive nature, it is important to remember not to leave small items lying around that she can choke on.

During this month, you can stimulate your baby by giving her different textures to explore or a rattle to shake. You can also give your baby more dangling toys that she can swipe at. At this age, baby’s love a change of scenery, so be sure to show her different things inside and outside of the house.

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Remember, at this age your baby should spend almost as much time on her tummy as she does on her back. While on her tummy, she is stimulated to lift her head and chest. This is great preparation for crawling.

Your four month old baby will most likely;

  • Be ale to lift her head while doing tummy time
  • Start to splash her hands and feet while she is in the bath
  • Babble and talk to you using sounds such as “aah”
  • Bring her feet up in the air and kick while lying on her back
  • Bring whatever you put in her hands to her mouth
  • Reach out for object