Last updated on Jun 21st, 2021 at 11:08 am

Your household volume just got turned up a notch as baby has learned to drop, throw and bang things.Baby is no longer content just observing the world around her and is now an eager (and noisy) participant.

The first half year of her life has been a busy one and she has achieved some major developmental milestones.

During the sixth month, baby continues to widen her vocabulary and makes a variety of pre-speech sounds. This includes laughing, squealing and chuckling when she is excited and screams of annoyance when she is irritated or angry.Your baby not only babbles in response to you, but also to amuse herself.

She has also realised that every action has a reaction, and knows that if she puts her arms out she will be picked up. From now on, everything that your baby is able to grasp at will land up in her mouth for further exploration. She will also pass an object from hand to hand and may even pick another object to compare it to her initial finding.

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It is at this time, that your baby will also start to differentiate between the people that she knows and strangers. While she still may exhibit friendliness to a stranger, you will notice by her body language that she is slightly uneasy.

Your six month old baby will;

  • Start to put her hand on your breast or the bottle and pat it gently
  • Respond appropriately to the tone of your voice
  • Turn her head to where your voice comes from
  • Reach for objects that are up to 30 centimeters away
  • Bring her foot to her mouth when lying on her back
  • Chat using repetitive syllables
  • Track a moving object from one side to the other