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Have you ever missed something good because you were worrying about the fine print – you missed a competition or a deal because you were so interested in decoding the fine print (not that I am saying that we should ignore the fine print) but not everything in life needs a detailed analysis.

Take a toddler for a minute.

They act the way that they feel. If they are unhappy you know it. They are not “experienced” enough to learn how to lie and mask their feelings. They like you or they don’t. Have you ever heard your toddler be brutally honest with you or ask someone a question that is not polite.

I remember my cousin reprimanding my niece because she asked a lady with a glass eye “what happened to her eye”. After listening she merely said, “But mummy I just wanted to know because I wanted to help her”.

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Amazing as to the heartfelt emotions that toddlers bring out. I think that they teach us how cynical we have become as adults.

When last were you as an adult able to just be you?

I’ve sat and thought about how much Kitana has changed in the past year. Every day is filled with surprises, new words and at least one tantrum. There’s never a boring day with a toddler!

I did expect this phase to be difficult but now I realise that raising a toddler is hard work. For me, it’s harder than taking care of a newborn. It finally hit me, REAL parenting begins.

Even though this phase is challenging for me, I’m enjoying getting to know my daughter and her personality.

My biggest regret at the moment is recording Barbie in pink shoes…oh Barbie! How I wish you weren’t so perfect. Here I am, trying to explain to a two-year old that Barbie doesn’t dress in a tutu every day. My daughter thinks that a tutu and perfect styled bun will turn her into a princess.

Even though toddlers are a handful, they definitely teach us adults something. I feel like I’m learning so much from my daughter and because of her, I’m starting to appreciate life and what it throws at me.

Here’s what my toddler has taught me so far…

  1. Fashion starts at an early age.
  2. Your best friend can be a two-year old. We spend so much time together that we are finally starting to understand each other.
  3. Shopping means buying a new pair of shoes.
  4. Eye liner and lipstick is a must in your handbag.
  5. Pretty panties makes you feel good about yourself. In fact a toddler feels fully dressed when she has her Barbie panties on. Being “sexy” even when you don’t know the meaning of the word starts young. How often do we as mother’s just wear what we have to – we forget how to be sexy and even forget that being a mum doesn’t mean that we should stop being a wife… Pretty panties also makes potty training easier.
  6. Get used to drama. There’s tears of happiness and sadness.
  7. Choose your battles, you won’t win them all especially with a woman – irrespective of her age.
  8. It doesn’t hurt to smile at a stranger. In fact it’s really nice to say hi!
  9. Life is meant for laughing and affection. Big hugs can change the way you feel and kisses can make everything better.
  10. You never have to be alone… even when you pee.
  11. Playing dress up is even fun for adults!
  12. Forgiveness doesn’t have to be so difficult.
  13. Dancing and singing in the bathroom is normal.
  14. Life shouldn’t be boring, there’s always something to do!
  15. Art comes in all forms even if you are drawing with a permanent marker on the fridge door.
  16. Sometimes a language doesn’t need to be understood but rather expressed.
  17. We are allowed to dream and live in a fantasy world.
  18. Everyone falls, but it’s how you wake up that is important.
  19. A neatly styled hairdo can brighten up your face.
  20. A father can dress his daughters and still feel like a man. Gender is equal when it comes to toddlers.

I’m holding on to these precious moments that I spend with Kitana because every day, she’s a day older and wiser. Even though the toddler years bring on the terrible two’s and fussy eaters, it teaches us about the type of children we brought into the world and the road they taking ahead.

Enjoy every moment even the potty training! ;)

What has your toddler taught you?