Last updated on Jun 21st, 2021 at 11:09 am

“Your baby has Downs syndrome” are words that will scare any future mom-to-be. What will life be like for you? More importantly, what will life be like for your baby? Will he or she have a bright future or will it be one of struggle and hardship?

Downs syndrome, also known as trisomy 21 is a genetic disorder caused by a third copy of chromosome 21. The syndrome presents characteristic facial features, intellectual disability and is also associated with delays in physical growth.

Downs syndrome is often diagnosed at a pre-natal screening that is carried out at 12 weeks gestation, but can be diagnosed at an anatomy scan typically conducted at 20 weeks gestation or at birth by direct observation or genetic testing.

In the touching tribute, 15 people with Downs syndrome share powerful messages with a future mom of Downs syndrome. Their spirit reminds us that Downs syndrome doesn’t need to define you and that children and adults with the syndrome also have something special to offer to the world.

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Watching the touching video above is bound to put a smile on your face.