Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 12:17 pm

Fever is our body’s built-in mechanism to fight disease. However, when a child has a fever, most people rush for the paracetamol (Panado).

Why not first try these tried and tested natural fever reducers?

1.  Wet some cotton socks

Wet a pair of long cotton socks and wring well. Put the socks on the child’s feet and repeat the process when the socks dry out. Your child will enjoy the relief this gives.

2.  Take a warm or lukewarm bath

Put the child in a warm bath. The bath water cools slowly and allows the fever to plateau and even start coming down.

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3.  Keep your child hydrated

Make sure your child stays well hydrated with fresh filtered plain water, homemade juices and herbal teas – especially in cases of diarrhoea or vomiting. Avoid carbonated soft drinks.

4.  Cool the head and neck

For very high fevers wet a cotton scarf, wring it out and wrap it round the child’s head and neck. Repeat when the scarf dries out.

5.  Feed a cold, starve a fever

  • Fresh fruit or freshly squeezed juice (diluted with some water) – whatever fruit your little one enjoys – will be delicious and refreshing for a hot feverish little body, if he or she is hungry.
  • Choose thin fresh vegetable soup or chicken broth (no salt or fat or stock cubes) if your child wants something warm.

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