Last updated on Apr 6th, 2021 at 10:35 am

So your wife, daughter, sister or best friend is about to celebrate her very first Mother’s Day on 9 May this year.

Unfortunately her little bundle of joy can’t show their appreciation for her, so maybe you should.

Give her a day off

Have you seen the viral advert for the World’s Toughest Job? Being a mom is a full time job with no breaks for years to come.

So one of the best gifts you can give is a babysitting voucher.

Send her to a spa for the day, or even just let her sleep while you take care of the little one. Give her an experience for herself, perhaps an art class, where she can relax for a few hours.

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Pamper her

Chances are she hasn’t had much time to make herself look and feel gorgeous, so treat her to some fabulous pampering products, or gift her a voucher to her favourite spa so that she can have a massage and a pedi.

Nothing makes a lady feel good about herself quite like a day of girly pampering.

Bling her

This one is especially for the husbands. Gift her something sparkly to remind her just how much you appreciate all her hard work. You can get her something elegant and beautiful without having to take break the bank.

Have a look at this selection of gorgeous pieces she will love. Don’t forget that a well-chosen gift for Mother’s Day will be reciprocated on Father’s Day in June.



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