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There were so many challenging things about having a baby with colic. Too many to talk about in one blog post. One thing that stands out today and that has bothered me since I found out my daughter had colic is, why didn’t any one warn me? Now I don’t want to throw a big pity party for myself or for other parents of colicky babies that read this, but seriously, why is it that after nine months of pregnancy and weeks of having a newborn, I couldn’t define what colic was? Shouldn’t someone have told me?

I went to numerous birthing classes, met with my OB a gazillion times, spent three nights in a hospital surrounded by people that know babies better than any of us, and never, not once, did anyone mention, “You might have a baby that cries a lot, and here’s what you should do.” Even my paediatrician, who I love, maybe mentioned the word in one of our first visits, but never explained what it was, what to look for, or what to do if it happens. When we were in the hospital, the labour and delivery nurses had my husband and I watch the infamous, “Happiest Baby on the Block,” video, and yes it helped us learn how to swaddle and shush in our baby’s ear, but it didn’t mention that word that I’m honestly so sick of saying, colic.

I read a few pregnancy books, and honestly, I skipped the pages about colic. When I was pregnant I never thought my baby would be difficult, I always imagined that I would have a baby that could be soothed when her mama held her, not scream in her face for hours on end. What first time mama has those thoughts when she’s pregnant? I sure didn’t.

Sometimes I wonder if it would have mattered…

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About the Author: Becky Schroeder is a mom to one, PPD/PPA survivor, blogger and maternal mental health advocate.