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Most babies love just about every kind of fruit; this is because babies are born with a “sweet tooth”.  This can lead to turning their noses up at vegetables the first few times but it is important to teach your baby that healthy, savoury baby food is just as delicious!

Bumbles™ encourages mom to get baby accustomed to savoury tastes, as at around seven months or so, most babies naturally start to become more opinionated about what they eat, and introducing new flavours becomes more of a challenge. It’s worth making the effort as studies show that babies with varied diets grow up to eat more healthily as adults, too.  So you’re literally giving your baby a gift that will last a lifetime!

Why variety is so important

Once baby has accepted the first tastes, it is your time to introduce as wide a range of flavours as you can.  Your baby’s taste buds are developing fast and towards the end of Stage 2 the “window of opportunity” may close.  After this, you’ve got a heck of a job introducing foods they haven’t got taste buds for. So if all they’ve known is bland ‘porridgy’ mush, don’t be surprised if all they want as a toddler is sweet, empty carbs.

It can take up to 15 attempts for baby to accept a new flavour

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Each new flavour hit may be met with a funny face, but don’t be put off; it can take up to 15 attempts for baby to accept a new flavour; and if
you just keep smiling at your baby’s new talent for gurning, you’ll both start to enjoy this crazy game. The wider range of tastes you can introduce, the more adventurous your baby’s tastes will be, and the more likely he or she will have a balanced, nourishing diet later in life.

Studies show that babies fed a healthy range of all the major food groups have a higher IQ and verbal fluency at four years old. It really is true that what you feed them now will have an impact on what they will eat in the future.

Have a look at Bumbles™ Best Veggie Combo’s for some inspiration!