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So, I noticed recently that my dog and my toddlers (I have two) are similar in many ways. I’ve always heard that dogs have a mental capacity similar to a two-year-old’s, and I see this every day. My dog is a feisty terrier who could be considered my first baby. Many days when I am with my kids and our dog, I feel like I am caring for three toddlers at once. He just adds to the chaos and fits in with them perfectly.

Here are 10 ways toddlers and dogs are similar…

1. They will eat anything off the floor

My dog is always quick to swoop in when anything, and I do mean anything, is dropped on our floor. My toddler, on the other hand, is a very picky eater, but if it hits the floor, then it is guaranteed to garner more interest than the meal I’ve lovingly prepared.

2. … which brings me to food refusal.

They will refuse to eat the food that they are supposed to eat. My dog is Mr. Picky once I put his actual dog food in the bowl. Some days, he is all about it and will eat it up. Other times, he leaves it for hours. My toddler… yes, forget about it. If I prepared it, then it won’t get eaten. I am lucky if it doesn’t also get thrown on the floor.

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3. They beg for food

At least the dog is mostly quiet about it. The toddler asks for the same thing over and over again on repeat.

4. They eat dog food

When my dog decides to eat his food, great, it’s for him. My toddler, on the other hand, loves to grab that food and shove it in his mouth as quickly as possible when he escapes our gaze.

5. They will relieve themselves wherever they want

I consider my dog house-trained, but he still has the occasional accident when he is not feeling well. Then there are the times he just goes for no discernible reason. I am sure there is a reason, but since he can’t tell me, every once in a while I find that surprise poop or surprise pee hanging out in my living room. My toddler? Well, we are in the process of potty-training the oldest one. Enough said. We keep the jumbo size bottle of disinfectant around here.

6. They like to grab stuff that doesn’t belong to them and run

My dog likes to steal my kids’ toys and take off. My toddler likes to pick up the dog’s toys and run away as quickly as possible.

7. They like to wake us up at night

Now my dog is better about this than the kids, but he has been known to wake us up for no obvious reason. He’ll just jump out of his bed, roll around and bark at random noises. Toddlers also love to wake up for no reason, make a noise and refuse to sleep occasionally.

8. They like to wake up at the crack of dawn

My dog is an early riser. The toddlers are early risers. We all get up pretty early around here.

9. They do what they want and do not always listen

While my dog at least wants to please me occasionally, he also does what he wants and does not always listen to me. He is a terrier, after all. My toddlers? Yeah, they not only don’t care about pleasing me, but they definitely do not listen.

10. They are all fun, rambunctious and loving

At least they are all of these things. These things make all the others worth it. There’s never a dull moment with my dog and my toddlers around. Between the three of them there is noise, fun and chaos all day long. At night they all love to settle down and cuddle, too.

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