Panayiotou, who is accused of murdering his wife Jayde Panayiotou, was denied bail on June 5.

“The court’s finding is that the applicant has failed to show exceptional circumstances. Bail is refused,” Beeton said at the time.

She said it was unusual to wait to provide reasons but she decided on this approach as there had already been many delays and bail, by its nature, was an urgent application.


On Friday Beeton explained why Panayiotou was denied bail. She took into account Panayiotou’s personal circumstances including his business interests, and the affidavits by witnesses.

Panayiotou’s family filled the front bench of the court as the magistrate read out her findings, but Jayde’s family was not in court.

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Although the defence claimed that Panayiotou was not a danger to society, Beeton said that he had misled the court by not disclosing his dual citizenship – he holds a Cypriot passport. Beeton also found that, according to the state’s evidence, there was a pattern of contact between Panayiotou, the hit man and the middle-man.

The state says that the alleged middleman Luthando Siyoni’s girlfriend would testify that money was exchanged in a handover between Panayiotou and Siyoni.

Here is a summary of her findings:

  • Panayiotou and his lawyers could not provide any information to discredit the state’s case
  • Panayiotou has no dependants to support
  • Panayiotou misled the court by claiming he had nowhere to flee, but his father owns a home in Cyprus
  • Panayiotou is facing a Schedule 6 offence – premeditated murder – and faces life in jail if convicted
  • There are other employees at the OK Grocer that can fill in for Panayiotou while he is in prison – he didn’t provide enough evidence to show his skills are specialised and the business could not continue without him
  • Panayiotou could tamper with evidence if released on bail – he had already erased vital information from his cellphone and the phone of his mistress, Chanelle Coutts
  • Panayiotou could try to influence his mistress Chanelle Coutts and her friend Clarissa Kapp
  • Panayiotou’s wealthy family could help maintain his property obligations
  • Panayiotou failed to prove that it was in the interests of justice to be released on bail