A brand new ‘period’ invention has finally been released – leak-proof period panties. Before you say ‘eeew’, check them out – they’re stunning.

According to Thinx, the manufacturers, the environmentally-friendly underwear is made up of four different layers that absorb blood, and fight bacteria. No pads or tampons needed.

Each style has varying levels of absorbency and areas of protection, so you can wear the “thong” for light days, the “cheeky” for medium days (holds up to 1 tampon’s worth of blood), and for the heavy days, the “hiphugger” (holds up to 2 tampons worth of blood).

How does the technology work? how do they work

Access to feminine hygiene products is essential in developing countries

Statistically, around 800 million women are on their period right now. But in many developing countries, this means that girls miss school, or can’t go to work because they don’t have access to any feminine hygiene products.

For every pair of underwear sold, Thinx has vowed to donate a portion of the money to AFRIPads, an organization that trains women in developing countries to make affordable, reusable pads.

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Available products are killing the environment!

According to reports, the average woman in a developing country will use around 150kg of tampons, pads or applicators (around 11,000) in her lifetime. In the UK, this equals 200,000 tons of landfill a year.

Designed in NYC

The period panties were designed by a team of women in New York City, but are manufactured by a family-run factory in Sri Lanka which is “committed to providing supplementary education and training to its female employees.”


The underwear costs between $24 and $34 (R300 – R420) per pair. However, they last up to two years. According to the manufacturers, they can be washed just like normal underwear. The manufacturers have confirmed that the underwear is available to be shipped to South Africa.

For more information, watch the video below… what do you think of Thinx? Would you buy a pair?

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