A cold in gym

Days are colder and nights are longer. Winter has finally arrived and, unfortunately, that means that it’s flu season.

How do you avoid catching a common cold or flu and stick to your workout regime this winter?

Ways to avoid getting sick this winter

Exercise is important for good health, however, high intensity workouts can weaken your immune system making it easier to catch the flu or common cold. Here are tips to help you avoid getting sick while working out this winter…

  1. Start taking a good vitamin C supplement.
  2. Get the flu vaccine.
  3. Decrease your intensity during workouts when stressed, if you aren’t getting enough sleep or are feeling under the weather.
  4. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep (six to eight hours). A lack of sleep compromises your immune system.
  5. Eat healthy foods that will help your body fight off any infections.
  6. In the gym, always use the sanitizing spray and wipes on equipment – you don’t know who sneezed or coughed on the exercise equipment before you.
  7. Everyone loves to look cute at the gym but make sure that, once you stop exercising, you have something warm and dry to keep your body temperature from dropping too low after workouts.
  8. Don’t wait for a case of the sniffles or dry cough to progress – get advice from your doctor or local pharmacist as soon as possible.

Sick day

If, despite all your best efforts, you are infected by a cold or the flu, don’t be afraid to take a sick day off work and your workout.

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Pushing yourself when you’re ill will only set back your recovery and could even worsen your condition. Plus you won’t be a hero at work if you make your colleagues ill too.

When is it safe to exercise?

It’s safe to exercise when you have a head cold but it is recommended that you take a good vitamin C supplement and decrease the workout intensity. However, if the infection has spread to your chest or you are experiencing body aching symptoms of flu, it’s best to ditch the workout regime until you feel better. If in doubt, ask your doctor if and when it’s safe to exercise.

Exercising while you have flu can affect your heart. Remember, your body is fighting extremely hard against the infection. During this time make sure that you follow a healthy diet, drink plenty of fluids and rest.

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