Men put off health check-ups

According to a major survey conducted by the Commonwealth Fund in the US, more than half of all men had not had a physical exam or cholesterol test in the previous year and 25 percent of men said they would handle worries about health by waiting as long as possible before seeking help.

“As they get older, men tend to develop a fear of the medical examinations they should be having regularly, but there’s really nothing to be afraid of,” says Clicks Pharmacist Waheed Abdurahman.  “Regular check-ups are essential to assess risks of possible future medical problems and detect any diseases at an early stage.”

Health tests men need

All men should go for annual prostate cancer checks from the age of 50. Those with a family history of the disease should consider starting yearly screening from 40.

“The test most men fear is the prostate check, but these days, a simple finger-prick blood test for prostate-specific antigen (PSA) can be used to effectively screen for prostate cancer, helping to detect the disease early, when treatment is most effective.  Plus the test only takes ten minutes,” he advises.

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Regular exercise, following a healthy diet and cutting down on smoking and drinking are essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If your partner is developing a band of fat around his belly, or has a genetic predisposition to, or a family history of heart disease, it’s important to have regular health screenings. A quick 30-minute health assessment consists of a blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and body mass index (BMI) screening, and is paid for out of risk by most medical schemes.

If your partner’s BMI exceeds the normal range of 18.5 to 25, you can also speak to a Clicks clinic sister about weight loss management and a meal and exercise plan.

Regular HIV tests with counselling are also available at your nearest Clicks Clinic.  If your partner is not on medical aid, he can get a free HIV test at any Clicks Clinic on Thursday afternoons through the Helping Hand Trust.

Health screenings available at your local Clicks Clinic

  • Preventative Health Assessment: blood glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure and BMI (body mass index)
  • A prostate finger-prick test (PSA)
  • HIV tests, including pre- and post-counselling

With over 340 pharmacies and over 150 Clicks Clinics conveniently situated nationwide, there’s no excuse not to pop into your local Clicks Pharmacy or Clicks Clinic today.

To make an appointment with your nearest Clicks nursing sister, visit or call 0860-254-257.

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