A vocabulary so vast and intimidating it would put any modern day dictionary to shame and a beauty so profound that she was voted the most admired person in 1987, while working as a journalist for the Sunday Times.

Sheâ??s owned a Ferrari, interviewed international celebrities, flew all over the world and has even posed for a Vladimir Tretchikoff painting

But as she told the Daily Mail once, â??Iâ??ll always be known as the tart who slept with the racist buffoon,â? – an allegation Allen has vehemently denied, but which has plagued her for her entire career.

The country was both captivated and outraged by the alleged affair between AWB leader Eugene Terreblanche and Allan.

Her career had since faded into so called obscurity, when she emmigrated to the United States and apart from a few controversial guest appearances on US talk radio, the once outspoken social butterfly had all but disapperared off the face of the earth.

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This was until a few months ago when Allan joined the digital world of social commentary, in a witty, thought provoking and sometimes pathetic blog about her life in Lambertville, New Jersey as a waitress called Juliette.

An excerpt from her very first entry on ‘mygrillinglife in April reads like this :

â??When I was a journalist there was less drama in the newsrooms while covering Bosnia-Herzogovina than there is in the restaurant in which I am now working. Itâ??s the kind of chic restaurant to which men bring women they want to impress.?


?Rejoice all my enemies â?? (come to think of it I used to have enemies of a higher caliber; the President of South Africa once described me as an â??attention seekerâ?). I am, these days, waiting tables in sensible shoes and a bistro apron.

Usually my hair looks as though it were combed with an egg beater.? Like eating an artichoke, waiting tables is a lot of work for a little reward.”

But her blog is just the first step towards the resuscitation of the former journalistâ??s illustrious career

Allan is also in the process of writing her autobiography and is inviting the entire country and indeed the world to be part of this process by adding their voice to their experiences and memories of the force of nature, that is Jani Allan.

You can read, comment and add to Allanâ??s memoirs by visiting janiallan.com

The Mail & Guardian recently had an exclusive interview with Allan, who said that there’s talk about a movie being made about her life. But I don’t know if any movie could possibly do justice to the colourful life lived, by a woman as prodigious as Jani Allan a.k.a. Julliette.