The Mayoral Committee (MCC) has identified land in the nearby Marlboro area to build temporary shelters.

A Member of the MMC who chairs service delivery, Clr Matshidiso Mfikoe has announced that the Johannesburg City and Provincial government officials are co-ordinating efforts to provide temporary shelter, food and blankets for those affected.

The fire started during a domestic dispute between a couple on the third floor of Madala Hostel, corner Alfred Nzo and 3rd Avenue in the early morning hours of Wednesday. A man died of suspected smoke inhalation in another room, although medical authorities are expected to confirm the cause of death after conducting an autopsy.

Fire starter has vanished

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A man involved in a domestic dispute was hospitalised as a result of burns and other injuries. His partner has vanished from the hostel and the South African Police Services (SAPS) is investigating arson and damage allegations on this matter.

In the meantime, city officials are encouraging the homeless Madala Hostel residents, to ask friends and relatives to also help accommodate them. This will help to ease the pressure on emergency accommodation.

Johannesburg and Provincial Emergency Services, together with the Gift of the Givers are managing the distribution of supplies.

Redevelopment of Alexandra

The Alexandra Renewal Project, which involves the three tiers of government (national, provincial and local government), has been working with all local stakeholders on a plan to re-develop Alexandra.

Stakeholders include the Ward 75 Councillor Chris Mabunda, hostel committee, Alexandra Property Association, Alexandra Property Rights Group and SA National Civic Organisation.