Relatively unknown and self-taught South African artist, Susan Proctor Hume, has been invited by the Louvre gallery in Paris to exhibit her work at the upcoming “New artists of the world to watch” exhibit from 12 June 2015.

Proctor Hume, who only started painting in February 2014, has never exhibited her work before and this will be her first ever formal exhibition. An impressive start for this promising artist.

A 53-year-old mom of two, Proctor Hume is the daughter of an artist (her mother was a painter, sculptor, ceramicist and poet) and grew up in Johannesburg immersed in an artistic culture – however she never formally studied the arts and says that she picked up a paint brush last year after a bout of stress-induced illness left her feeling the need to pursue an artistic outlet.

Working mostly in oil on canvas Proctor Hume has recently branched out into mixed mediums and is incorporating “found things” in her work. “I am still trying to find my artistic voice and my style varies hugely at the moment. Although I have noticed that many established artists went through diverse stages in the early days of their careers so I am sure I will discover my niche in time,” she says.

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This “to be watched” artist says that she paints completely from her heart and is inspired by nature, religious icons, colour, romance, faces and world events

In fact, she is so new to this artistic calling that when she attended a recent sketching workshop hosted by artist Claire Menck she says she was extremely nervous as she had never sketched before in her life. “It went very well and I can’t believe that I have waited so long to pick up a pencil, a palette knife and a paintbrush!” says Proctor Hume.

Proctor Hume may not have exhibited yet, but she achieved very good results when she entered her work for the Sasol New Signatures competition in 2014 and the Vuleka competition – where two of her works came in the top 10 out of thousands of entries.

Her work has been noticed by private collectors both locally and abroad and it is anticipated that, following her arrival on the European art scene through her upcoming exhibit at the Louvre, Proctor Hume’s work will become increasingly popular with collectors and art lovers.

Angel painting“I am so excited to be exhibiting at the Louvre alongside some of the world’s most exciting upcoming artists – my ticket is booked and I will be in Paris to accompany my work,” concludes Proctor Hume.

For more information about Susan Proctor Hume and her work contact her on 083 268 1933 or visit