Charlotte Ramohai, 34, was “busy with this and that for the baby”, her mother-in-law Victoria Ramohai told Netwerk24’s Claudi Mailovich.

Charlotte was already a mother to two children, 12-year-old Masabatha and 7-year-old Thato.

The last time Masabatha spoke to her mother was Monday morning when the young girl left for school.

She said Masabatha should tell her brother Thato not to go to school because he was sick.

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“Then I said goodbye.”

Son in the car with mom

Later on Monday afternoon, when the mother waited in her new white Corolla in front of Khula-Nolwazi Primary School in Bram Fischerville for Masabatha, she was confronted by two armed men.

Thato was in the car with her.

“They pointed the gun at Thato and told him to get out of the car. Then they walked around the car,” Ramohai said.

One of the robbers hit Charlotte in the face with the gun and said: “Hey, voetsek, get out of the car. When she got out, they shot her.”

She was shot in the chest and died on the scene.

The hijackers sped off in the car, which was later found in Dobsonville.

Masabatha told how she heard that someone was shot outside the school

“My friends said I shouldn’t go look but I said I wanted to see who was shot.

When she went to look she recognised her mother’s clothes.

“I knew it was her that was shot. I ran to her [but] the police stopped me.”

When she saw onlookers crying, she knew her mother was dead.

“All I see when I close my eyes is my mother lying dead,” said the 12-year-old girl, while her brother sat next to her. He had few words and could only muster a few smiles. Their father is in shock and did not want to talk about his wife’s death.

“Even now I don’t believe it. I think it’s a dream,” Masabatha said.

“I didn’t think I’d be here and think of my dead mother. I said to myself that there isn’t a problem because one day God will come and I will see my mother again.”

“In my heart I know she loved us with her whole heart.”

Police spokesperson Kay Makhubela said cases of hijacking and murder have been opened.