If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then stop, take a deep breath and sit down – it’s time to make some changes.

Weight loss can be a fun and exciting process. Look at ways in which you can change your food habits as well as yout exercise routine.

Food and beverages

If you find that preparing meals (that are suitable for weight loss) a difficult task to accomplish, or have run out of ideas then perhaps go out and buy (or borrow) a book for inspiration. The internet contains an endless number of weight loss recipes as well so try some out. Alternatively you could ask others who have succeeded with weight loss to share some of their recipes with you.

Increase your physical activity

Change your exercise routine if you are tired of your current one and especially if you are not seeing any weight changes after some time has passed. You could perhaps go for a run in the park, if you have previously worked out at home, or join a local gym.

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Many people find others who are in the same situation very helpful and motivational. You may even find a partner who will challenge your efforts and this may make weight loss even more fun and interesting for you. Any small change may help to keep you interested and motivated so don’t give up!

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