While we do not use beets for sugar, these naturally sweet, red bulbs are amazingly nutritious and have come back in popularity.

Beetroot can lower your blood pressure. If you go to Food Lovers Market, you will find they sell pure beetroot juice. A glass a day significantly lowers your systolic blood pressure. Of course, you can easily make your own at home, too!

There are nitrates in beetroots that help dilate and relax your blood vessels which, in turn will stimulate the blood flow, thereby lowering blood pressure.

Beetroot is a great stamina enhancer. The juice again, drunk before physical activity, will “reduce the oxygen cost of low intensity exercise as well as enhance tolerance to high intensity exercise.”

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Beetroot fights inflammation. Beets have an element called betaine which helps protect cells, proteins and enzymes. This contributes largely to reducing stress. It reduces inflammation and helps prevent numerous chronic diseases.

Beetroot has anti-cancer properties. Research has established that the property responsible for the red colour of beets (phytonutrients) is beneficial for the treatment of various cancers, viz pancreatic, breast and prostate.

Source: Dr Mercola www.Mercola.com. This is a great site. Try it out!