Exfoliating your skin leaves it cleaner and clearer, removing dead skin cells, stubborn dirt and excess oil that can lead to unsightly blemishes. But it definitely shouldn’t be an expensive exercise. Try the tips below and check out our favourite face scrubs under R120.

Why you need a face scrub

Facial skin is very sensitive and is prone to a number of problems like acne, dark spots and dryness, etc. It is also the most exposed part which definitely requires special attention. Scrubbing helps to remove the dead skin from your face and reveals a supple and fresh-looking skin.

Clearer, glowing skin is well within your reach

By simply adding a facial scrub to your skincare routine, you can reveal radiant, healthier skin in just a few weeks. Follow these tips when using a facial scrub:

  • Always exfoliate clean skin
  • Apply your facial scrub to damp skin to allow the product to work better
  • Rub your skin in gentle circular motions
  • Spend a little more time on stubborn areas such as the chin and nose
  • Evening or night is the best time to opt for exfoliating
  • Exfoliate at least once a week for best results

If you have sensitive skin steer clear of scrubs

Those with sensitive skins should steer clear of scrubs as they can irritate your skin and cause redness. We’ve narrowed down our favourites for each skin type below.

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Face scrubs under R120 we love


From left:

  • Clearasil StayClear Deep Cleansing Scrub (for oily, acne-prone skin) R72,95 for 150ml
  • Yardley Brightening Oatmeal 2-in-1 Scrub/Mask (for uneven, combination skin) R69,95 for 150ml
  • Nivea Visage Exfoliating Scrub (for normal and combination skin) R49,95 for 75ml
  • Revlon Pure Skin Scrub (for normal to oily skin) R115 for 100ml
  • Nature’s Nourishment Skin Fruits Facial Scrub (for all skin types) R40 for 100ml

Remember to moisturise your skin well after the scrubbing to ensure that it isn’t left dry and dehydrated.