Last updated on Jun 22nd, 2021 at 04:41 pm

This week, Angelina Jolie made the shocking revelation that she had had her ovaries removed as a preventative measure against ovarian cancer

The decision was not an easy one, with Angelina disclosing that the surgery (which involved removing her ovaries and Fallopian tubes) – and which follows her double mastectomy two years ago – was as a result of her being a carrier of the genetic BRCA1 cancer gene.

But she’s not alone!

The following celebs have undergone partial or full hysterectomies in a bid to remove various reproductive organs for a number of medical reasons; from cancer to fibroids to irregular bleeding.

Take a look at other famous females who had their reproductive organs removed for the sake of their own health…

Above: Fran Drescher

In 2000, The Nanny actress removed her uterus after discovering she had uterine cancer.

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