The survey, conducted by UK psychologist Kevin Dutton reveals that a disproportionate number of those people who have reached the top of their respective corporate ladders are psychopaths.

According to Duttonâ??s study, the Great British Psychopath Survey, the ten professions most likely to be held by psychopaths are:

  1. CEO

  2. Lawyer

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  3. Media (TV/radio)

  4. Salesperson

  5. Surgeon

  6. Journalist

  7. Police officer

  8. Clergyperson

  9. Chef

  10. Civil servant

In a report on Eyewitness News, South African clinical psychologist Eddie Woolf explains that a psychopath is not necessarily someone who goes around killing people, but rather a person who has an anti-social personality.

He explained that a psychopath has certain characteristics and if a person demonstrates three or more of these characteristics, then that person is anti-social.

â??Psychopaths are deceitful, impulsive, aggressive, irritable, irresponsible, lack remorse and they fail to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviour. These kind of people only care about themselves.â?

Because it often takes a high degree of focus to get to the top, those who have made it often display a lack of regard for others, as well as a hatred of anyone more successful than they.

â??This type of person loves power and hates other people with power, so would work hard to destroy those people. Having said that, none of this means that every lawyer or journalist is a psychopath. There just appears to be an overlap between psychopathic personality traits and the type of person who goes into the above professions.â?