1. Communicate with the other bridesmaids

Leading up to the wedding, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet and get to know your fellow bridesmaids so don’t let these opportunities go to waste. Try and distribute responsibilities throughout the bridal party. Remember, expenses are a lot cheaper when they’re divided up.

2. Plan, plan, plan

Organisation is always key. If you want to save money, you need to ensure that, not only are things budgeted for, but also that you have a strict plan of where you are going to be spending your funds. Planning also ensures that your sanity is in one piece after the celebration.

3. DIY decorations

I am honestly the biggest fan of DIY decorations and I can already tell you that most of my wedding events are going to be decorated in this way.

Pinterest is definitely your friend! You can also find ideas to plan all those bridal shower and bachelorette games in a cost-effective way. So if you can, do as much as possible on your own.

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4. Get to know the family

I know this may make you cringe but trust me it works! Get to know what the different family members are known for. If Aunt Sally makes a killer cottage pie ask her to bring one along with her to the bridal shower. Not only will the family feel included, but you will save some serious bucks as well.

5. Spend less on the gift itself

For this point I would definitely recommend that you bear point three in mind because sometimes making your own stained-glass candle holders will mean more to your bestie than if you buy a generic expensive one from a store.

I hope this will help you to enjoy being part of this special and joyous occasion while still meeting all your other budgetary needs. And always remember that, when the big day arrives, you need to kick off your heels and enjoy the moment!