It’s not nice when the tech guys at Facebook and Google mess with your stuff… With new updates and ‘improvements’ to the layout it takes you weeks to figure out where everything is again.

If you use Gmail, you may have noticed some changes to your inbox. Instead of just one main “inbox”, you have three new tabs called Primary, Social and Promotions.

Convenient but confusing!

Gmail automatically sorts your mails for you into each of these three categories: Primary, Social and Promotions.


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  • Email from your contacts will appear in the Primary category.
  • Notifications from Facebook and Twitter will appear under ‘Social’ and newsletters and
  • Promotions (All4Women newsletters, Groupon, notifications of specials from your favourite online store, etc…) will appear under the Promotions tab.

Gmail also gives you the option of creating your own personalised tabs to help sort your mail and prioritise your life.

Prioritize your All4women newsletters

To make sure you don’t miss out on your daily fix of All4Women, make sure that you prioritise your newsletters in the correct tabs.

Your newsletters will automatically be classified in the Promotions tab. However, it is easy to re-prioritise them.

Just open the promotions tab, and drag your newsletter into your Primary tab.

moveThere will be a tiny little pop up box at the top of the screen that asks if you would like to send all further emails from that same author to the new selected category. Select YES.

From now on, Gmail will push your All4Women newsletters into your primary inbox!

Remember that if you subscribe to multiple newsletters such as the All4Women Daily, How To, Relationships, Travel, etc., you will need to drag one of each of these into the Primary tab.

You can’t see the new tabs?

Don’t worry if you can’t see the new tabs yet! Gmail is rolling out the changes over time. Keep a lookout for an instant pop-up notification when you next log into your account. This will inform you that your inbox has been upgraded. You will then be able to see the new tabs.