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At the end of the broccoli season one tends to avoid those slightly yellowing florets, and, together with the visual effects, the deteriorating taste as well. And so broccoli is more or less off the menu for the late spring and summer months.

Suddenly … there it is … it’s back! Those stunningly beautiful tightly-packed brilliant green florets – beautiful broccoli has slipped back into season!

© Zoe
© Zoe

Why is broccoli (Brassica oleracea var. italica) regarded as a super food?

• Cancer: All cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage have immune boosting properties and therefore help the body to fight cancer of the prostate, breast, colon, bladder and stomach.

• Cholesterol: High fibre broccoli reduces cholesterol.

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• Anti-inflammatory: Broccoli lessens the impact of allergies and reduces inflammation due to the omega-3 fatty acids it contains.

• Heart health: Broccoli helps to minimise damage to blood vessel linings that can be caused by inflammation due to chronic blood sugar problems.

• Powerful antioxidant: Broccoli, as an extremely concentrated source of vitamin C, calcium and vitamin K, is not only a powerful antioxidant, but important for bone health and the prevention of osteoporosis as well.

• Weight loss: Broccoli is low in calories and high in fibre, which maintains low blood sugar, prevents constipation, aids digestion and curbs overeating.

© FPWing
© FPWing

Ways to eat broccoli

• Just broccoli: In-season broccoli – small florets and chopped stalks, steamed or boiled (max six minutes) very lightly in minimum water – is an explosion of exquisite taste in the mouth. Add a knob of coconut oil or real butter and away you go!

• Broccoli au gratin: Broccoli is interchangeable with cauliflower for this favourite dish.

• Stirfries: Broccoli is wonderful as an addition to any stir-fry.

• Salad: Blanched and added to a green salad, broccoli helps digestive enzymes to continue functioning.

Crudités: Dip small florets of raw broccoli into hummus, tahini or any other dip.

• With pasta: Steam lightly and toss broccoli into your pasta with loads of feta and olive oil, or make a delicious sauce by blending broccoli with cheese and olive oil.

Eat broccoli mindfully – it’s a wonderful food!

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