Two goldfish, Star and Nemo both required treatment for different medical concerns. Star had a cancerous eye removed as part of the treatment, while Nemo had a cancerous lump on his back removed. The 12-year-old goldfish are beloved members of the Gordon family.

The total cost of the operations was £500 (around R9 200) at the Inglis Veterinary Hospital in Scotland.

According to the hospital, the operations required the assistance of an exotic consultant surgeon, a vet to keep the goldfish under anaesthetic, and a nurse to monitor their heart rates.

Adam Tjolle, managing director of Inglis Veterinary Hospital said: ”In all my years as a vet I have never known anything quite like this.”

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Animal expert Brigitte Lord – who conducted one of the operations – added: “The financial value of a goldfish may be quite small but I think the fact that someone paid that much for an operation reflects the true value of the bond between pets and humans.”

Author: BANG Showbiz