Bad news for Banting: a meat-heavy diet massively increases your risk of developing colon cancer

An American study of over 77 000 people in 2014 has established that by consuming a meat- heavy diet, a person’s chance of colorectal cancer increases by a massive 75 percent. The study conducted compared meat-eating participants to those who follow a vegetarian and/ or fish-based diet.

And with colorectal cancer being the second largest cause of cancer–related deaths in America at present – and predicted to almost double by the year 2030 among people aged 20 to 34 years – the warning signs are clear.

The study, published in the American Medical Association’s Internal Medicine Journal, confirms what health and nutrition expert Patrick Holford says, that eating a vegetarian or vegan diet lowers the risk for colorectal cancer by 22 percent.

“Furthermore the study also found that there was an even greater decrease of 43 percent in cancer, almost halving the rate in fish-eating vegetarians. Put the other way around, that’s a 75 percent increased risk of colorectal cancer in meat-eaters versus ‘fishitarians’,” said Holford.

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