White delight

Sue Scott, from leading seating manufacturer, Grafton Everest, shows us practical ways in which to incorporate this trend, so that your interiors can look like those in the décor magazines, but so that it still feels like home. 

Take the leap

“There’s nothing quite as peaceful as a white, or off-white interior. This non-colour lifts a space, and makes even the gloomiest room look bright. It is one of the few schemes that can be used to great effect to create a soothing atmosphere to ease our over-stimulated lives. However the absence of colour also runs the risk of becoming sterile and uninviting,” says Sue.

Here are her top seven tips on how to make an all white interior work:

  1. Pick the perfect shade for your base colour. Whether the white paint has an underlying pink, yellow, blue or green tone – find the one that works best in your space all year round. And get tester pots to play with at home.
  2. Play with contrasting textures and subtle harmonies to give your room a lively quality and avoid any kind of clinical undertones. Think hard and soft, rough and smooth, shiny and matt, patterned and plain, old and new.
  3. Exercise discipline when going for an all white colour palette, but also enjoy how the smallest splash of colour can make a statement in a simple white interior. “Things that would normally just disappear into the background, such as slices of lemon in a jug of water, a colourful cardigan hung over the back of a chair, an assortment of bright book spines, or a simple pink bloom in a bottle for example, really tend to stand out and make for a surprising burst of colour,” smiles Sue.
  4. Unify disjointed spaces and disguise unsightly features by keeping everything the same tone of white throughout.
  5. Think seasonally. White creates a light and airy look for summer, but can work just as well in the colder months by simply layering with textured rugs, chunky woollen throws and a few dark accent pieces to anchor the space.
  6. Play with tone as different tones of white sit happily together, adding depth and warmth, whilst still exuding tranquillity.
  7. Include plants and flowers into the mix as a way to introducing natural colour without the commitment.

Get white right 2

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Caring for white pieces 

“Don’t shy away from white upholstery, there are many ways to ensure it keeps looking crisp and fresh for longer,” nods Sue. Here are her tips:

  •  Consider the location: Choose fabric suitable to the activities taking place in the vicinity. In a high traffic lounge you may want to consider a faux leather sofa or a preshrunk slipcover that can be easily cleaned.
  • Consider upholstery treatments: Enquire about MasterGuard treatments that can be applied to your upholstery to create a layer of protection from stains on fabric.
  • Be careful: Be aware when sitting on a white chair with certain pieces of clothing, such as new denim jeans for example, as the dye can rub off and stain the upholstery. The same goes for reading the newspaper as well.
  • Clean regularly: Maintain a regular cleaning routine to prevent dirt from setting in. This could be a weekly vacuum or wipe down, and a twice-yearly steam clean or chemical clean suited to your upholstery type.
  • Be quick: Attend to a stain as quickly as possible. Blot it – don’t wipe it – with a clean white cloth from the outside of the stain inwards. Be sure to avoid using a colourful cloth that may cause further staining when wet.

For more information, visit  www.graftoneverest.co.za

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