DIY coat rack

Learn how to make a unique coat rack with wooden hangers by following this tutorial from Dremel…

Tools and materials required:

To make this coat rack you will need a Dremel 8100 multi tool, a Dremel DSM20 compact saw with multipurpose carbide cutting wheel, a four-millimetre Dremel wood drill bit set 636 with centring tip, and Dremel engraving cutters at the required depth.

You will also need five wooden coat hangers, a board approximately two centimetres deep, tracing paper, ten 40-millimetre woodscrews, paper, a pencil, a ruler, a screwdriver and hard oil, wax, paint or varnish.

Step 1:

To begin, trace the outline of one of the coat hangers onto the paper, and mark where half the hanger is to be sawn off. Dremel junior brand manager Taahir Suliman reveals: “Using the pattern on the paper, transfer the sawing line onto the five coat hangers.”

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Coat rack step 1 d3063710

Step 2:

Once all the coat hangers have been marked, use the Dremel DSM20 with the carbide cutting wheel to cut the coat hangers to the right length.

Coat rack step 2 d3063718

Step 3:

After the coat hangers have been cut to size, take the board of wood, and cut it to a length of 50 centimetres using the DSM20. “To ensure a smooth finish, you can sand the edges of the board,” notes Suliman.

Step 4:

The next step is to mark and drill the board where the hangers are going to be attached. Centred from the edge of the board, make two marks at five centimetres from the edge of the board, and then another two marks every 10 centimetres after that. There should be five sets of marks in total. Once all the holes have been marked, use the Dremel 8100 with the four-millimetre wood drill bit to drill the holes.

coat rack step 4 d3063723

Step 5:

Before attaching the coat hangers to the board, find a design to decorate the coat rack. Trace the desired design between the holes for the coat hangers using the pencil and tracing paper.

coat rack step 5 d3063724 (1)

Step 6:

“After tracing the design onto the board, use the Dremel 8100 and the engraving cutter to accurately trace the design. After the design has been engraved onto the board, use the hard oil, wax or paint to give your board the desired effect. Once the board is finished, attach the coat hangers through the pre-drilled holes and your unique coat rack is complete,” concludes Suliman.

Coat rack step 6 d3063725

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