He’s into you, he’s not into you

When a man goes from totally smitten with you to being sort of ‘there but not there’ – it can really mess with a woman’s head.

One moment you are the centre of his world, where he simply cannot get enough of you, and then slowly but surely he starts ‘icing you out’ of his life.

Initially, you will put it down to him being busy or stressed out. We all start off thinking that. But, eventually the reality sets in.

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Every modern woman KNOWS (yes, you do!), that a lot of men simply don’t have the balls to say ‘Hey, I’m no longer interested in you or this relationship’. Generally, they just start acting up – hoping you will break up with them. And, generally…. what do women do? They stick around!

Big mistake lady!

Here is what you should be doing instead…