Last updated on Feb 11th, 2015 at 10:14 am

Claire Trimmer from Slothville says “Sloths are very magical animals. I’ve watched the effect that they have on other people, not just me.”

She says that women often drag their partners on tours of Slothville, but when the men encounter the baby sloths, “They just melt. People just fall in love with them.”

The Slothville sanctuary was started by Lucy Cooke

Cook is a National Geographic explorer, award-winning TV producer, presenter and best-selling author with a Masters in zoology.

Time Magazine recently dubbed her efforts at promoting these extraordinary creatures as ‘more successful than anyone has ever been at anything. Ever.’

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However according to Cooke, the most important part of her work is helping to raise thousands of dollars for sloth conservation.

Trimmer and Cooke have both fallen in love with the sloths at the Slothville sanctuary… What do you think of these strange creatures?!