Last updated on Feb 9th, 2015 at 04:37 am

?      Energetic children and domestic animals could ruin your dreams. Check that the cabinet where you keep these precious items is firmly fixed to the wall and maybe above little’s head height!

?      Keep anything special away from heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators, stoves and floor heaters. Even high power electric bulbs can make the ceramics of a delicate item discolour.

?     Humidity is, again, a no no. Keep these items well away from things like fish tanks, sinks and water pipes. If this is not easy, a humidifier will help.

?     Get a good carpenter to create ‘lips’ along your shelves where you are displaying antique plates, etc. This will stop them from sliding off, in the event of any disruptive activity.

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?     The most efficient way to clean those precious porcelain pieces is with alcohol. Bet you didn’t know that they were booze addicts!  Mix equal quantities of rubbing alcohol with water and decant into a spray bottle. Spray the china over the sink, hold it to drip dry and then finish with a hairdryer on low.