Last updated on Feb 9th, 2015 at 04:40 am

?     When medications have expired and you have dispensed with the remains, remember to take off the labels and rename if you are planning to recycle them.

?     Throw out any tablets that have cracked or become discoloured.

?     Any liquid medicine that you notice has separated, should no longer be in your cupboard.

?     Medications that have lost their labels should be thrown out before someone does the guessing game and takes the wrong treatment.

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?     Do not keep antibiotics, the course of which you should have completed. They become ineffective with age and can even be dangerous.

?     Check the expiry date on all antibiotic ointments for the same reasons.

?     Gauze bandages and adhesive strips that are old should go as they will likely have lost their sterility and won’t, in any case, be as healing.

?     Sunscreens must be dispensed with after the expiry date because they lose their effectiveness. There is a date on them which is not always that easy to see.

?     Do not keep any medication that has a faulty fitting lid.

?     Return your old prescription medication to your pharmacy for disposal.

Source: Don’t Throw it out. Yankee mag.