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What do you love most about being a parent?

When your kids are under the age of let’s say, six, they are a constant fanclub for you. Walk in the door and it’s like you’re a Christmas tree and they run to you. As they get older, you become more of a leaning post, but there’s beauty in it too – I love that my daughter feels enough comfort to tell me everything in her head and heart. That sharing of a life…it’s magical.

What would you say to parents who abuse their kids?

I don’t think I can comment on that. It makes me too angry to even contemplate.

And to those who abandon them?

Everyone has a reason for the things they do. As above, I can’t imagine the situation that would lead me to do that, so I can’t comment. And I therefore cannot judge.

As a journalist, why did you choose to write about parenting?

There’s a saying that goes “write what you know”. I write what I know (and more of what I don’t know – haha – because parenting is an everyday discovery).

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What’s your favourite part about raising a child?

When kids learn new things, their eyes light up like they are the first person to ever discover fire on the planet. Those moments.

Were you ready to have a child when you fell pregnant?

You are never “ready” to have a child. It doesn’t matter how much you think you are prepared, you are never truly ready.

When someone’s not ready to have a child, would you advise them to have an abortion?

Again, I can’t comment. I cannot imagine myself in the situation (although the choice was offered to me when I fell pregnant, and my immediate gut response was a ‘no’) so I cannot judge or compare.

According to you, when is the right time to have a child?

That is entirely dependent on the parents.

Would you say you’re a perfect parent?

Haha. Not even a little. But I am good enough for my kid. 

Spend more time than money on your kids and keep them close by. Childhood goes too quickly, so love the holidays and these special times together

What is it that you think most parents aren’t doing right when raising a child?

Ooh. Tough one. I think we need to listen more. listening teaches a child that they are important, and they go on to treat others with respect. Listening, properly, is the most important thing.

Why do you think it is important to teach children respect at an early age?

I think that respect is earned. We live in a world where positions of power are abused everywhere we look, but that doesn’t mean we should not teach our children respect.

It starts with teaching them to respect themselves, and then moves on to understanding, acknowledging the fact that we are all human, and therefore deserving of respect at some point. But, respect is earned, whether it’s by position, placement or relationship or over time.

Do you punish your child?

There’s a big difference between punishment and discipline. I go with discipline.


I do not hit. I do time outs, take away things etc.

What are your daugther’s favourite TV shows?

At the moment, we’re watching a lot of Horrid Henry.

Do you watch them with her?

Yes. I find a lot of them funny or entertaining.

Advice to parents this year?

Spend more time than money on your kids and keep them close by. Childhood goes too quickly, so love the holidays and these special times together.