Dog lovers who felt spurned by the proliferation of cat cafes around the world may find comfort in knowing that pooch-friendly cafes are now in the works on both US coasts.

Last week, Angelenos learned that a dog café could be coming to their town, thanks to an American entrepreneur who’s lived in South Korea, where pet cafes enjoy booming popularity.

The mission at the Dog Café in Los Angeles will be to find homes for orphaned dogs and allow dog lovers who may not have the means to adopt a pet – be it for financial or space reasons – to squeeze in a cuddle while getting their caffeine fix.

In New York, the story is similar

Inspired by the pet cafes they’d visited in South Korea and strays they’d met during a holiday in Puerto Rico, friends Maggie Cee and Mandy Chow have also launched a project that would bring the concept to Manhattan, where apartments are notoriously small and raising a dog often impractical.
Both are turning to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to raise money for their projects.

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Friends Cee and Chow hope to raise $70,000 for their NYC Dog Cafe, while Sarah Wolfgang has thrown out a more ambitious goal of crowd-funding $200,000 for her LA project.

Author: AFP - Relax News