When we have friends or family over, we want to make sure that our party is memorable, so here are some fun and essential household tips on entertaining at home:

1. Ice-cold drinks

If you want crystal clear ice cubes in your drinks this summer, make sure youâ??ve filled your ice tray with cool boiled water from the kettle. Filling directly from the tap will result in cloudy ice cubes.

Filling directly from the tap will result in cloudy ice cubes.

2. Get some air

If youâ??re expecting family and friends to stay during the festive season, make sure that youâ??ve cleared and aired the room or rooms theyâ??ll be staying in long before they are due to arriveâ?¦

Opening up windows and doors for at least 24 hours before, with fresh bedlinen on the beds, and crisp, clean bath towels on hand will ensure your loved ones feel most welcome when they arrive.

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3. No-drip ice-cream

If ice-cream is on the menu this summer, reduce the drip factor by placing small marshmallows in the bottom of the cone before scooping in the ice-cream. No dripping out the bottom of the cone and your last bite is a sweet treat!

4. Keep it fresh

If youâ??re lucky enough to have a house filled with fresh flowers, be sure to put a teaspoon of bleach and a teaspoon of sugar in the water to keep it fresher for longer. The biggest range of shaped, coloured and clear vases can found at great prices at Mr Price Home, or mrphome.com.

5. Keep it neat

If youâ??re a busy household of five or six family members, chances are your bedlinen cupboard is piled high with everything everyone needsâ?¦

Make life simpler by storing duvet cover sets and matching sheets, pillowcases and continental pillow covers in one of the pillow cases, that way you will keep all the matching items together.

6. Keep it clean

Bedlinen (sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers) should be washed at least once a week. You can also vacuum your mattress to keep your bed as dust free as possible.

7. Entertain like a pro

If youâ??re entertaining at home this festive season, re-arrange your cupboards so that servingware and drinkware is in the most accessible, easy to reach place in the kitchen, dining or outdoor areaâ?¦ youâ??ll look like you were born ready for all those guests having a good time!

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